Why do Customers Leave During The Checkout Process?


Here’s 5 things that your customers are thinking when they load up their shopping cart but decide not to buy anything:


Shoppers Don’t Trust You

This is an obvious one. People won’t complete an eCommerce transaction if they don’t trust you. Even if you’re a big name brand, there are ways you can improve trust factors. Remember that many shoppers are there for the first time, and there are still generations of people who didn’t grow up with the internet and will have doubts about buying online.


The Checkout Process Is Too Complicated:

The checkout process needs to be as simple, smooth and quick as possible. If you make the user fill out too many forms or perform too many complicated or repetitive actions, the impatient customer will abandon the cart and leave.


High Shipping Costs And Times Too Long:

People are not okay with paying high shipping rates. Most people buy online because they can get the goods delivered at their doorstep and get discount at the same time. But high shipping costs increase the price and take away their motivation. Also, online buyers are often buying goods on impulse – if they realize that it will take weeks for the product to reach them, they may look elsewhere.


Creating An Account To Check Out

Collecting client details is undoubtedly useful. The more information you have about a client, the better you can market – and deliver – your products to them. A registered user is more likely to visit the site again and develop loyalty. eCommerce stores try to get this information by forcing the user to register with the website. Most people just want to buy and leave. Sites that do not allow the users to buy goods as guest visitors see a high rate of shopping cart abandonment.


Having Restrictive Payment Options

Imagine you’re at the checkout line at the grocery store. When it’s your turn to pay, you’re told that you can’t pay with your credit card, or, you’re told that you can use your credit card, but only if you pay an additional fee.

If you’re like most people, you’ll feel something along ranging from mild annoyance to active hostility toward the grocery store. This is no way to treat customers who are ready and willing to give you money, and could have easily been avoided had the grocery store been more upfront about the types of payment they accept.


If you’re suffering from high shopping cart abandonment rates, the first thing to do is perform an honest audit of your checkout process.

Bring in a pair of fresh eyes and look over their shoulder as they make a mock purchase on your store.

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Make checkout painless, keep them coming back



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